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WE know it's true... and YOU know it's true, but how do we convince anyone else??? Anyone who has listened to a good analog rig will agree that vinyl is unsurpassed as a playback medium... and a recording medium as well. I'd take my open reel anyday over a DAT deck... and the only thing CD's are good for are coasters. BUT- this is just an opinion, and in the end it's really only the MUSIC that matters, not the format. However, help keep vinyl alive. Enough interest has been out there that vinyl has made a minor comeback. Many titles are available today... and more will continue to be with your support.

"Why vinyl??? 'Cause it sounds soooooooooo good!!!"

Where to find Vinyl???

~ California Albums ~ Vinyl Vendors
~ Music Machine ~ Last Vestige Music Shop
~ Vintage Vinyl ~ Electric Shock
~ Not Lame Recording Co. ~ Times Square Records
~ Rockaway Records ~ Into the Music
~ The Vinyl Frontier ~ Elusive Disc
~ Audiophile International ~ Ring of Record Resellers
~ Saturn Records ~ Vinyl Trade
~ World Wide Wax ~ May you have a successful search...

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