What??? You Don't have these Fonts???

Then download them now!!!

This is a MUST to properly view the pages in my site...

Download Font "Bart Normal"Bart Normal

Albertus MediumDownload Font "Albertus Medium"

Download Font "Bart Bold"Bart Bold

Albertus Extra BoldDownload Font "Albertus Extra Bold"

Download Font "Bart Italic"Bart Italic

Albertus ItalicDownload Font "Albertus Italic"

Installing Fonts: WIN95 users. Click on the Font you wish to install. Save the Zip file to disk. Choose drive / folder where you wish to save this file. Open your Zip software and extract the file to the drive / folder which you desire. From the WIN95 task bar, select Start, Settings, Control Panel, Fonts. Open Font icon, click File, Install New Fonts. Find the drive / folder where you stored the unzipped Font file. Select the Font you wish to install by hi-lighting it, click OK. Your done!!!

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