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Our Mission

Our mission is quite simple: To keep good music alive. The 1960's and 1970's gave the world a fortune in great music... much of which has long been forgotten by most people. Yet, there are those among us who keep the flame burning so that the memory will not fade. It's evident all over the Internet. The internet has been a bastion for psychedelic and progressive rock, as well as many other types of music. The intricacies of some of their works will most definitely astound you; especially those of us who are ourselves musicians. Beyond that there lies the intellectual concepts which drive this music onward. The themes are inspiring, thought provoking, and celestial.

Save the Planet

It is our wish that this site will allow others to sample some of these spectacular works and encourage people to delve further into this vast wealth of powerful music. The Internet is a powerful tool and can convey unlimited information to anyone who has access. It's the responsibility of those of us in cyber space to make sure it is used for the greater good of the world; to bring people of all cultures and ideas together.

Remember to recycle - we only have ONE Earth

We hope you enjoy our site. We plan to update it every month with different albums and audio clips. Please contact us with your comments or suggestions.

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