Thorens TD-290

Thorens TD-290

  • Grado Z+ Cartridge
  • Audio Quest Sorbothane Mat
  • Belt driven
  • Souther Clever Clamp
  • Hi-Tech arm dampening device
  • Custom Anti-Vibration base

It's really not necessary to spend a fortune to get awesome sound out of your vinyl records. My Thorens did not cost a king's ransom; yet with a few tweaks here and there, it sounds like a million.

It is a must, however, to have a good aide to help you set up that cartridge. I use Mobile Fidelity's GeoDisc. This is a simple tool that anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can use. No tricks, no mirrors. Contrary to popular belief, you DON'T have to be a rocket scientist whiz-kid to properly set up a cartridge.

My "hi-tech" arm dampening device is merely an old drive belt wrapped around the arm. You can obtain different effects by varying the gaps between the wraps. It takes a little experimentation, but it's well worth the effort!!!

My custom "anti-vibration" base is made out of mortar mix. I lined the inside of the dust cover with plastic and filled it with the mortar mix. Let it dry a day or two, pop it out, spray paint it, put your 'table on top and there you have it! Cheaper than buying one...

That's the thing about tweaking... you can use ordinary, household objects. I didn't spend money on these little tweaks that have made vast improvements to my system. Some tweaks may at first seem a little insane to the uninitiated, but hearing is, after all, believing. Give it a try - you'd be amazed. What do you have to lose??? You might just surprise yourself. And if you don't like the tweak? Well, just remove it and no harm done.

I'm fascinated by the multitude of different effects you can obtain from tweaking. It's an easy way to improve imaging and presence. We've been doing it for years. And let's face it - if you don't have a fortune to spend on a killer audio system, then you've got to get the most out of the one you have. It's something that compliments the music we love. We want to hear it the best we can, so to me tweaking is a must... even if you own your own "dream system". There's always room for improvement.

I've often wondered if anyone of you proggers would be interested in a forum about home audio system tweaking. A place for pros and newbies alike. I have thought about starting one... What do you think??? Drop us an E-Mail and let us know if you think you'd be interested in one. I'd be happy to set one up...

Meanwhile - happy tweaking, and may you swiftly be delivered to Audio Nirvana!!!

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